Can I Scrap A Car With A Lien On It?

Can I Scrap A Car With A Lien On It?

Technically, yes, you can scrap a car with a lien, but you have to first resolve the lien. A lien on a car means that a financial institution (bank etc.) or individual has a legal claim to the vehicle until a debt is paid off. Here’s what you need to know about scrapping a car with a lien on it.

How to Scrap a Car With a Lien on it?

Scrapping with a lien creates more problems than it solves. Here are some better options:

1. Contact the Lienholder

If you want to scrap your junk car while having a lien on it you should explain your situation to the lienholder, there could be an alternative option. Some lienholders might allow you to scrap the vehicle if they can recoup most of their money from the sale.

2. Transfer the Lien

In some conditions, you might be able to transfer the lien to another asset or collateral. This process typically requires the agreement with the lienholder and this process could be more complex.

3. Sell the Vehicle 

There is a third option available, you could try selling the vehicle to a private buyer which would allow you to pay off the loan and obtain a release of lien.

4. Voluntarily Surrender the Car

If you can't afford it, then you can surrender the car to the lender. It might be an option. However, this can hurt your credit score.

Other Considerations

You should always follow these considerations if you own a vehicle with a lien on it:

  • Always try to get a lien release document from the lender when you have paid off the debt. This document proves that the lien has been satisfied and the title is clear.
  • After the lien is cleared, make sure that you have the vehicle title in your name. This will be necessary to transfer ownership to the scrap yard.


In conclusion, scrapping a car with a lien on it is not a straightforward process. It's essential to understand the legalities. We have mentioned all the possible options to sell a car while having a lien on it. You can also explore more options for resolving the lien before proceeding.

How Much To Scrap A Car?

How Much To Scrap A Car?

When your vehicle has reached the end of its lifespan, then it will be a wise decision to scrap it. Before scrapping a car one question always will come into your mind: how much to scrap a car? This guide will walk you through the factors that determine the scrap car value and how you can maximize your returns.

Factors Affecting the Scrap Car Value

  1. Vehicle Weight: The most common factor in determining a car's scrap value is its weight. Scrap yards typically pay based on the weight of the metal they can salvage. If you have a heavy scrap car then you will generally get a higher price compared to a lighter car.
  2. Current Scrap Metal Prices: The scrap car value of metal fluctuates based on market conditions. Prices for metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper vary, impacting how much you can get for your car. Before scrapping a car, you should always check the latest metal prices.
  3. Make and Model: Certain makes and models are more valuable due to the quality and quantity of metals used. 
  4. Condition of the Car: If you are selling a junk car then the condition isn't as critical for scrap value however a car with functioning parts can still be worth more. Parts that can be resold, such as engines, tires, transmissions, and catalytic converters, can increase the car's value.
  5. Location: Your location can affect how much you get for scrapping your car. Urban areas with more competition among scrap yards may offer better prices. 
  6. Documentation: Having proper documentation, such as the car’s title, can affect the process and may even increase the value. If you don't have proper documents for your vehicle you may get a lower price or even some scrap yards can charge more for the paperwork. Scrap yards prefer dealing with legally owned vehicles to avoid any legal issues.

Steps to Scrap Your Car

  1. Evaluate Your Car: Assess the car’s condition and determine if it has any parts that could be sold separately, but it's not a recommended way. Check the current scrap metal prices to get an idea of your car’s base value.
  2. Get Quotes: Try to contact several scrap yards to get multiple quotes. Provide them with accurate information about your car, then the junkyard team will be able to send a good quote.
  3. Remove Personal Items: Decided a time slot when you want to remove your car, at stay there at the mutually agreed destination. Before scrapping, ensure all personal items are removed from the car. 
  4. Deliver the Car: Depending on the scrap yard, you may need to deliver the car yourself. However, some junkyards offer free towing services, which can save you money.
  5. Complete the Paperwork: Cancel your car insurance and notify your local DMV to cancel the car’s registration. Ensure you complete any required paperwork to transfer ownership and receive payment. Keep copies of all documents for your records.

Maximizing the Value

  • Sell Parts Separately: If you have the time and expertise, selling valuable parts separately can increase your total earnings. Parts like the catalytic converter, which contains precious metals, can be particularly valuable. However, it's not always a recommended method because every scrapyard looks for valuable car parts in a junk car.
  • Choose the Right Time: Scrap metal prices fluctuate, so try to scrap your car when prices are high. Monitoring the market can help you determine the best time to sell your junk car.
  • Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with scrap yards. You can negotiate well by knowing about the scrap vehicle’s current value, parts value, and metal prices. Getting multiple quotes gives you leverage to get a better deal.


Scrapping your car is a practical solution when it’s no longer roadworthy or economically feasible to repair. By understanding the factors that influence the scrap value of car and following the steps outlined above, you can ensure you get the best possible money. 

How Much Is A Scrap Car Battery Worth

How Much Is A Scrap Car Battery Worth?

Do you have a scrap car and want to sell its battery for some cash? Then a question must be: how much is a scrap car battery worth? The answer, unfortunately, isn't as straightforward as you might hope. Here's what you need to know about the value of your scrap car battery.

  • Batteries in good condition can sometimes be refurbished and sold in the market. Hence, you will be able to get a higher price for a battery in good condition than for those that are completely dead.
  • Car batteries come in various sizes and weights. The heavier the battery, the more lead it contains. Lead, which is the primary valuable component in scrap batteries, makes up about 60% of its weight. Therefore, you will get paid more if you have a heavier battery.
  • The price of scrap car batteries depends on global demand and supply, so the value you get today might be different from tomorrow.

Average Prices

A typical car battery weighs around 30-40 pounds. In Canada, most of the auto recycling companies and scrap yards pay CAD 0.60 to CAD 0.80 per pound so you will get anywhere from CAD18 to CAD24 for your battery.

Here is how you can calculate a scrap car battery price:

Weight in Pound × Battery Per Pound = Est. Price you will get

Some scrapyards or auto recycling companies like Scrap Car for Cash also provide a discount on a new battery purchase. They might not give you cash but you will be able to get a new battery at a super discount.

Scrap Car Batteries

To get the best price for a scrap car battery, consider the following tips:

  1. Check the current market prices for batteries, lead, and other metals.
  2. Contact multiple scrap yards and recycling centers and compare the prices they offer. Try to sell the battery to the scrap yard or recycling company that pays you more.
  3. If you have multiple batteries, some recyclers offer better rates for bulk quantities.
  4. Try to sell junk batteries directly to a smelter, because smelters often pay higher prices since they deal directly with raw materials.


You will not get much money by scrapping your car battery, it's a responsible way to dispose of it and earn a few bucks on the side.